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Nov 06, 2010 - 12:00PM

$15.00 Rated 9-Ball

 $800 ADDED Rated 9-Ball Tournament sponsored by Hometown Equity Mortgage. Rated 9-Ball. $800 Added Guaranteed. Nice low entry fee. Handicapped 5-12. Alternate Break. Split quarters. Rack your own. No 3 foul rule. Handicap may be changed during tournament. Fifty cent pool tables. Happy Hour 11am-6pm. Come on out and play!
 Results: $800 ADDED Rated 9-Ball Tournament - 39 Players. Full $800 added thanks to Steve Klodzin and Hometown Equity Mortgage. 1st: Clayton Mann, 2nd: Tinna Hung, 3rd: David Heinonen, 4th: Bobby Wyatt, 5th-6th: Jake Santora & Steve Klodzin, 7th-8th: Mike Parker & Hector Perez