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Feb 18, 2016 - Feb 22, 2016 - 8:00PM

$50.00 $5000 Added Midwest 9-Ball Tour

 Tournament Directors: Evelyn & Danny Dysart. In-House Custom Cues & Repairs available with Doug Patrick. One-Pocket $1000 Added. Entry fee $60, deadline Thursday 8:00 PM. 9-ball: $4000 added. Entry Deadline Friday 8:00 PM. Double Elimination, Alternate Breaks. Making the 9-ball on the break in either of the racking corners is not a win. Player must spot the 9 and continue. Aramith Cue Balls, 7' Valley Bar Tables. Open: $65 Entry Fee. Race to 9. Ladies: $50 Entry Fee. Race to 7.

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 Results: One Pocket: 61 players. 1st: Dennis Orcullo, 2nd: Danny Smith, 3rd: Skyler Woodward, 4th: Justin Bergman, 5th-6th: Taylor TK Anderson / Chuck Raulston, 7th-8th: Chip Compton / Joey Gray, 9th-12th: Roberto Gomez / Warren Kiamco / Doug Patric / John Gabriel. --------------- Ladies 9-Ball: 28 players. 1st: Liz Lovely, 2nd: Anna Tulauan, 3rd: Jessica Frideres, 4th: Brittany Maynard / 5th-6th: Kathleen Morast / Sharon Vermule. ------------ Open 9-Ball: 159 players. 1st: Skyler Woodward, 2nd: Jay Klatt, 3rd: Dennis Orcullo, 4th: Roberto Gomez, 5th-6th: Shane McMinn / Warren Kiamco, 7th-8th: Dave Coles / John Gabriel, 9th-12th: Taylor TK Anderson / Andy Craig / Jon Hennesee / Terry Young, 13th-16th: Justin Bergman / Darren Everett / Danny Smith / Tommy Tokoph