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Carom Room

 614 E Grand Ave
Beloit, WI
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Sep 28, 2013 - 11:00AM

$40.00 WPPS 9 Ball Tour Stop #1

 $15 tour card for the season. $250 added per stop. Guaranteed or based on players. $40 entry (includes greens fee). Lag for the break. Alternate break. Race to 7, both sides. 9 ball on the break does not count in the bottom 2 corners, only the upper 4. Using the Delta 13 Select Rack. Using BCAPL rules. The Tournament Director has the final say. All tour stops will attempt to finish in one day. Depending on the size of the tournament field.There is always a possibilty that some stops may require finishing the following day. $500 added with 32 players.

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 Results: 29 Players. 1st: Dave Coles, 2nd: Chad Elston, 3rd: Duane Tuula, 4th: John Fields, 5th-6th: Jim Fitzpatrick & Roy Schueler