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Pool Hall Start Date Notes
The Rack Billiard Club
2249 NW 86th St
Clive, IA
Feb 24, 2018 - 9:00AM $20.00 The Women's Eight Ball Tournament: Auction. Elite-6, master-5, inter-4, open-3. double elim. rack your own. message emilee raguindin on facebook with questions and more details. signup deadline 2/22/18. [details]
810 W Hwy 56
Olathe, KS
Mar 01, 2018 - 8:00PM $50.00 $5000 Added Midwest 9-Ball Tour: Tournament Directors: Evelyn & Danny Dysart. In-House Custom Cues & Repairs available with Doug Patrick. One-Pocket $1000 Added. Entry fee $60, deadline Thursday 8:00 PM. 9-ball: $4000 added. Entry Deadline Friday 8:00 PM. Double Elimination, Alternate Breaks. Making the 9-ball on the break in either of the racking corners is not a win. Player must spot the 9 and continue. Aramith Cue Balls, 7' Valley Bar Tables. Open: $65 Entry Fee. Race to 9. Ladies: $50 Entry Fee. Race to 7. [details]